Maths Rich Tasks

Treasure Hunt

                                                                            Year 7 Accountability Document

Ahoy, matey!
Your ultimate goal for Maths Rich this term is to create a Treasure Hunt for a group of
landlubbers from your buddy class.
You will be stepping through several learning stages to get to this point.
So, get aboard smartly and be ready for adventure.
Yo ho ho!

STAGE ONE: Treasure Box

Maths Rich Treasure Box T4 2019

STAGE TWO: Treasure Hunt (mini version)

See the details for the 'real deal' Treasure Hunt.
We will be creating a mini version in our space to test out our clues and discover what challenges we will need to be overcome for the 'real deal' version.

STAGE THREE: Treasure Hunt (the real deal)

Maths Rich Assignment Y7/8 T4 2019

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