Dear Parents and Students, 

Welcome to Sacred Heart Catholic School!  We look forward to an exciting year with you as part of our family.

We create an atmosphere in which Catholic values, traditions and ideals are fundamental to our academic vision for cultivating faith formation, personal integrity and life-long learning. As we teach for skill development, intellectual enrichment, and academic and physical excellence, we challenge and prepare our students for their roles in tomorrow's world.

Sacred Heart's mission is to mold students who will be 

  • Stewards of God's Earth
  • People of Prayer
  • Involved, Inquisitive Learners
  • Respectful, Loving and Kind
  • Imaginative, Enthusiastic and Creative
  • Traveling the Path of Jesus 

As part of this commitment, we need your partnership.  Please read through this handbook with your child/ren and complete this Home & School Agreement Form  in order to: 
  • Verify agreement to abide by the policies of Sacred Heart Catholic School for the 2015-16 school year as stated in this handbook
  • Grant or deny Photo & Video Permission
  • Verify agreement with the Digital Citizenship Agreement
  • Verify agreement with Sacred Heart School Payment/Collection Policy 
  • Verify that you have received and read  a letter informing you that the school has been inspected for asbestos as required by the  Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Click here for letter. You have already completed this for 2015/16
As we begin our journey into this new school year, let us pray: 

  God of wisdom and might,
we praise you for the wonder of our being,
for mind, body and spirit.
Be with our children as they begin
a new school year.
Bless them and their teachers and staff.
Give them strength and grace as their bodies grow;
wisdom and knowledge to their minds
as they search for understanding;
and peace and zeal to their hearts.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Peggy Perez and Susan Paiva