"You saw how the Lord, your God carried you, as a parent carries his child, along your journey until you arrived at this place" Deuteronomy 1:31


Our Goal: "To Develop at St. Rose Generous & Responsible Stewardship".  Generous and responsible are well understood, however not so is Stewardship? To many the definition of legacy and stewardship equate to giving money. The definition we choose for St. Rose is being a parish whose parishioners will respect and share their resources (time, talent & treasure) as an expression of their gratitude to God.

Our Purpose: The program proposes to help each of us understand, believe and support this way of life. Our purpose is to both establish a stewardship way of life and to develop the ways and means to sustain this way of life so we, the current parishioners, will leave it as Our Legacy to those who follow.

 Our Theme: It is simple and easy - "Just do one new thing for your St. Rose Family."  


Our Program: The plan is to implement actions that will help us become more complete stewards. It will include providing opportunities for parishioners to contributes their loving gifts to St. Rose and beyond (i.e. "God's family"). 

Time & Talent: There is an enormous number of opportunities for parishioners to offer their time and talent. Some examples are:
  • Making St. Rose a more welcoming parish,
  • Being actively involved with a Ministry (e.g. Liturgy, School Commission, Music, parent's organization, outreach to the sick & needy, Festival, servers, ....),
  • Assisting other community organizations (e.g. Interchurch Food Pantry, Catholic Charities Disaster Relief, ...),
  • Participating in the parish work days,
  • Helping maintain the physical facilities,
  • Working with sister parishes (Connected in the Spirit) to help the marginalized,
  • Coaching, teaching, guiding our young people,


The Legacy Program will utilize various means to identify and communicate these needs to parishioners so through example each of us can find the joy and value of sharing our time & talent.  

Let us hearken the words of Benjamin Franklin - "Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?"


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