Welcome to the Strongpoint Sales Enablement Site
This site is designed to help enable sales reps to become the Jedi Masters of Solution Selling and experts regarding the overall positioning of Strongpoint products. It is designed to help reps understand how to sell from three perspectives:
  1. What is important to individual decision makers & influences by their Role within their organization.
  2. The types of Business Solutions that each of these folks are generally seeking.
  3. The Products and Services that Stronpoint delivers to address those needs.
In addition, it is also intended to be a primary access point to all internal Web Based Applications that can be book-marked so that reps can begin their day from a common portal with access to training and user tips for each.

Finally, it is intended to be an internally leveraged central repository for content and collaboration that easily facilitates access to articles, media, and files that may be beneficial in the overall sales process. Best of all, it is built on Google, so incorporating any Google asset is simple...and it's free!

Hot Tip of the Week...

This is a message from a CIO to Conrad that make the case for Citizen Development:

Hey Paul,

My jaw dropped when I read the article on citizen development in the CIO Playbook

This is the proof of how your NetSuite and Salesforce teams can get a 2x productivity multiple out of existing resources for a marginal FTE increase.

Looking forward to discussing an acceptance period to prove this will be what your team needs moving forwards!

Check it out:

Faster change yields two key advantages:
      1) tremendous productivity increases from existing resources with minimal impact and cost to business 
      2) project time to completion halved resulting in better time to value


"I think it's probably the most important technology tool that CIOs need to look at. We do not have enough staff and our staff who are strong at AppDev really need to focus on the customer-facing pieces that are going to move the needle."