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Dottie Laster

 Dottie Laster, MA began work on human trafficking while earning her Master's degree at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.  She also studied international conflict resolution at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary and at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris,France. 

Subsequently she coordinated with the YMCA in Houston, Texas in their program to train law enforcement and provide direct assistance to victims of human trafficking.  She was appointed as an original member of the U. S. Attorney's Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance which consists of F.B.I., Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Security Service, Texas Rangers, Houston Police Department, Department of Labor, and YMCA.

Recently she contributed to greater education on these issues by working on a documentary about commercial sex trafficking in the United States - "Cargo: Innocence Lost."  Dottie has also provided technical and/or consulting assistance for other programs.

Moving to Orange County, California to work for Community Service Programs, Inc. in the position of Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force Administrator, Dottie has worked with and consulted to a number of organizations and professionals. 

She is excited to join Strike Force Training.org in furthering the training and education of the public and of those professionals and government leaders critically involved in solving the global crimes of Human Slavery and Trafficking.