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Below is a listing of articles, reports, videos, books, etc. that can be accessed for varying levels of background or details on the issues of Human Slavery and Trafficking.  Just click on the links.  Please visit our site often to view new additions.

  •  "Know the Signs of Contemporary Slavery"

                  Orange County Register, 9/20/07 

  • "Woman's Tale Highlights Modern Day  Slavery" -  "Experts Think as Many as 20,000 are enslaved in the U.S.  Each Year"

                    Houston Chronicle , 9/20/04  

  • "Human Beings for Sale - Human Trafficking Issues Discussed", 03/07/07

                    "Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in Southern                         California" conference at California State University                        Fullerton

  • Human Rights Day Celebration - Los Angeles, CA 12/10/06
                      Article at Youth For Human Rights
  • "California a Top Destination for Human Traffickers"