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ATTORNEYS -              MCLE APPROVAL            see note this page

STRIKE Force Training principal Larry Gassin trained participants at the 83rd Annual Conference of the World Association of Detectives - a global alliance of investigators and security professionals

The World Association of Detectives was formed as a joint venture by the combined membership of the World Association of Detectives and the International Secret Service Association and is the leading professional organization of detectives, security professionals and private investigators. 

STRIKE FORCE TRAINING.ORG  is a California, USA based organization structured to provide front-line education and training to Law Enforcement, Elected Officials, Policy Makers, Foreign Government Leaders, Health Care Professionals, Educators, Religious Organizations, Corporate Enterprises, Multi-national Corporations, Government Contractors, Human Rights Organizations & Activists, International Travelers and the General Public in the area of combating Human Slavery and Trafficking.

Additionally, it provides certificated training for organizations and others that want to be involved in educating, speaking, or training to help mitigate potential liabilities for organizations in this area or to address this problem from a public service standpoint.

Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. In 2000, Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protections Act.  It provides for enhanced penalties for traffickers and their co- conspirators and protections for victims of this modern day slavery.  In 2005, Congress reauthorized the act and added legislation to combat the demand for forced labor and commercial sex.  Individuals and businesses who engage in this crime can have their property seized and/ or be sued by the trafficking victims.  It also demands that all government contractors and sub contractors train their staff and their deployed dependents about human trafficking.

According to statistics from the U.S. State Department, it's estimated that more than 27 Million people around the world are victims of some form of human slavery or trafficking!   It's also projected that in a relatively few short years, the billions of dollars generated in human slavery and sex trafficking will exceed that generated by worldwide illegal drug trafficking! 

 "This is a completely non-controversial political issue as nobody is in favor of human trafficking and slavery and it is illegal in all nations - even those in which it is flourishing," note principals Dottie Laster and Larry Gassin.   "Both public entities and private sector organizations will need to know how to understand the problem and issues, recognize the signs and symptoms as well as the perpetrators and victims, and avoid the criminal and civil penalties that are increasingly brought against those organizations that (whether knowingly or unknown to them) deal in trafficking or contract with those that do.  Foreign governments are increasingly impacted in dealing with the U.S. and other nations according to their level of tolerance for, or combat with, this global evil."

Training programs are offered in Orange County as well as regionally throughout the U.S. and in foreign host nations.  Corporations, organizations, professional associations and governmental entities can also make special arrangements to have the training programs brought to them and their staffs.


We are pleased to announce our approval as an MCLE Provider to the State Bar of California for some of our training programs.  Please see individual training programs for qualification.


a portion of all proceeds generated from trainings and products are donated to non-profit organizations that are involved in the fight to combat human slavery and trafficking, to rescue and restore victims, and prosecute perpetrators as well as promote human rights.