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Certified Field Professional Specialist BootCamp

Course contents:

Participants for this in-depth level of training will be comprised of professionals generally engaged in "fieldwork" areas that address the prevention, intervention, rescue, diagnosis, rehabilitation or re-education of victims of human slavery and trafficking or the capture and prosecution of its perpetrators. Additionally, those who, because of the nature of their professions, are more likely to encounter victims or situations that may otherwise go undetected due to lack of training. Specialized industry-focused training is designed for professionals including: Law Enforcement Professionals, Psychologists, Health Care Professionals, Elected Officials, Educators, Policy Makers, Foreign Government Leaders, Religious Organizations, Government Contractors, Corporate and Commercial Enterprises, Multi-national Corporations, Human Rights Organizations and Activists, and the Public.

Topics include: Differentiating recognition of multiple/alternative symptoms of victims of human slavery and trafficking from victims or other modes of physical, sexual or emotional violence or abuse; Potential or likely types of sites, businesses or enterprises in the community that are more prone to involvement; Potential or likely types of circumstances or sites / locations on employer property that are vulnerable to being used for human slavery or trafficking; Off-site locations (domestic or foreign) or types of provider vendors or contractors that are more prone to engagement in human rights violations relative to slavery and trafficking; Categories of employees having greater access to participation in trafficking using employer property or assets without the knowledge of the employer; Increased awareness of risks to employers of being involved – knowingly or unknowingly – or contracting with individuals or organizations that force, exploit or hold hostage individuals for use in slave labor or as sex trafficking victims;Risks to other customers / clients of employer or employer location who may become unsuspecting victims of these traffickers; Risks to employer organizations for involvement with or support of entities that are promoting or engaging in trafficking, including civil, criminal, punitive damages, severemedia public relations damage of dealing with or being involved with criminals or enslaving humans; Course of action if occurrences suspected or discovered; How/where to report.

Additional areas of training include victims’ issues and an overview of organizational liability issues to assist professional specialists in their interactions with these.Training includes modules with a selection of guest presenters from among industry specialists, victims, government officials, rescuers, source country leaders, and others to really tie the training all together.

Course deliverables:

Qualified participants will be certified as professional fieldwork specialists in their area with regard to human slavery and trafficking issues. They will have significant added professional value to their offerings of remediation, rehabilitation, re-education, etc. of such victims and can coordinate more closely and with greater competence and confidence with representatives and officials with whom they will have to interact. They may also be eligible for inclusion as a qualified presenter in STRIKE Force Training programs and will be a much greater resource in their own professional organizations as well as in their professional workplace.

Course duration:

3 Days

Course fee:


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