A New ICT Curriculum


This site summarises our new ICT curriculum for students in Years 7-9 at Stretford High School. 

In early 2012 Michael Gove, Education Secretary, disapplied the old ICT program of study and encouraged schools to develop more up to date curricula for their students. We couldn't resist the invitation to bring our ICT teaching bang up to date and include everything that we feel is important for young people to learn in the 21st Century.

We have successfully replaced the old ICT qualification for Year 10-11 students with a choice between GCSE Computing and Creative iMedia. The KS3 curriculum which is taking shape here aims to support our learners in accessing these two qualifications if they decide to do so in the future, whilst giving them the digital skills and literacies that we believe they will need to be successful in all areas of their future learning and work.


Progress will be celebrated by the awarding of badges. This is in place of the traditional system of national curriculum levels (5c etc). We believe that this system will make progress in the subject clearer to staff, students and also parents. Learners will collect evidence towards each badge, once they have shown that they have met the learning objectives the teacher will award the badge. We will encourage learners to use work from other subjects or activities in their lives as evidence, it doesn't all need to come from ICT lessons.

This is based on the model of Open Badges being developed by Mozilla (eventually if this is a success we will use their systems to award the badges). 

As an example, we hope that knowing that you/your child has achieved a Silver Badge in Presentation Skills will mean more than being informed that they are working at Level 4b. The criteria behind each badge will be published on this website for students, parents and even future employers to see.


Our initial curriculum will be made up of the following key topics (each of which will have 3 levels of badges for students to work towards: Bronze, Silver & Gold):
  • (Stretford High Systems For Dummies)
  • Living Online
  • Publishing Online
  • Formal Digital Communications
  • Researching Online
  • Digital Presenting
  • Visual Programming & Control
  • Text Based Programming
  • Handling Digital Data
  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Video
  • Digital Sound
  • Project Planning
  • Project Evaluation
Click through each one to see the learning objectives and outcomes within each one. Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress and that later units along with Silver and Gold badges will be developed on a rolling program as needed.