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This is the rubric we used for evaluating the APPS. (click on the image to bring up a full size version, or see 1.3 evaluation of apps and open the file attachment on the bottom of the page)


In creating our lesson plans - we are focusing on meeting the following standards.

Wisconsin Standards Teacher Development and Licensure (TS)

1.            Teachers know the subjects they are teaching.

2.            Teachers know how children grow.

3.            Teachers understand that children learn differently.

4.            Teachers know how to teach.

5.            Teachers know how to manage a classroom.

6.            Teachers communicate well.

7.            Teachers are able to plan different kinds of lessons.

8.            Teachers know how to test for student progress.

    10.     Teachers are connected with other teachers and the community.

By incorporating the:


For more detailed information about the teacher nets - please view the following website:


For more detailed information about the student nets - please view the following website:


and...   21st Century Fluencies

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