Differentiated and Enrichment Curriculum Ideas!

The STRETCh (Striving To Reach Every Talented Child) Instructor views herself as an Education Imagineer! Just like Walt Disney, she believes that learning should be fun. Below you will find a variety of activities that will enrich and STRETCh students gifts and talents!

This Ancient Egypt Web Quest / Choice Menu has differentiated activities based upon Depth of Knowledge and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
  • For advanced readers - require The Pharoah's Secret  activity for 8 tokens
    • Graphic organizers for structured reading in prediction, depth of knowledge questions, and evaluation of performance in a literature circle are included!
  • For advanced writers - require the King Tutankhamun - Was It Murder?  activity for 8 tokens
    • Looks at the death of King Tut from five different perspectives and has the student write a persuasive paper. Focus is on the revision process and samples of student papers and feedback are given on the website!
  • For advanced mathematicians - require the Pyramid Scales  activity for 8 tokens
    • Includes a guided Web Quest with note-taking and reflection on the history of the pyramids, as well as building scale models of them.
  • For advanced general intellect - require the Life in the Day of a Pharaoh activity for 8 tokens
    • An activity in perspective and critical thinking! The student assumes the life of a pharaoh and tries to portray this in a presentation (claymation, skit, Prezi, ToonDoo, Xtranormal Video) to the class.

All students can be successful in this Ancient Egypt Web Quest to move up the social pyramid. This project includes final project evaluations that include self-assessment and gives the teacher the flexibility to change point values and projects based upon individual student needs.

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