Getting Started

Want to make a special meal for our clients? Holiday Meal Signup!
Established volunteers and want to help at our Christmas Party on Dec 19? Christmas Party Signup! (No first-time volunteers, sorry!)

Getting Started is Easy:
  1. Submit volunteer interest (above)
  2. Orientation: View our online video down below so we will all be pulling in the same direction as a team to help our homeless young clients.
  3. Survey: Answer an online quiz about the video and share information about yourself so we can best match you up to opportunities.
  4. First Sign-up: You'll get a confirmation that will pending until we can verify your orientation and survey.

Each Subsequent Volunteer Activity:
  1. Online Signup: Choose opportunity on our volunteer calendar based on your availability or join our Action Team for notification and collaboration on special one-of-a-kind opportunities. Each signup takes 4 clicks:
    • First, click the event on our calendar. A little info popup will appear. We believe in transparency, so we have one calendar for clients and volunteers.
    • Second, click the volunteer link in the calendar item description. You read the info to understand the event a little better. Sometimes there will be two volunteer events. One for general helping and one for a specific role in the event. Click whichever you prefer and a new page will open.
    • Third, click the signup button for the specific date/time you want. The page lists all the dates/times available and not just the date you started on. Look carefully and click the signup button for one you want. A signup popup will appear.
    • Fourth, after you fill in your name, click submit! Select receipt if you'd like a proof of volunteerism sent to you after your volunteer for your records. Use the comment section to tell us something specific or that you're part of a group. You can signup for multiple people but we'll need all the specific names and emails at the event.
    • While you have the page open, you can quickly signup for another week!
  2. Email Confirmation: Receive confirmation of your signup after our volunteer coordinator. You must have done orientation.
  3. Email Reminders: We send out a reminder at one day and three days prior to with instructions. If you need to cancel, that's the time to do it.
  4. Email Proof: We send out proof of volunteerism for those who signed up for it. Those doing at least 20 hours service can request letters.

Volunteer Orientation

We ask everyone to watch our volunteer orientation video and take our volunteer quiz below once a year. It helps keep everyone pulling in the same direction.

After watching, please submit your volunteer quiz.

Finding Events

Our events are now listed on our calendar on our home page. To sign-up, just open the calendar event and click the volunteer signup link.

You can also access our sign-up sheets as follows:
  • Food and cooking jobs (note that you can also work in our dropin kitchen as a helper)
  • Helper and greeter jobs
  • Group service projects: Smaller groups can also signup on our regular calendar. If you don't find something, you can request a custom service project.
  • Here is a way your group can help us from a distance or as a preparatory activity:

In-Kind Giving

Volunteers are always welcome to collect needed items for us. We keep a list at our needs page. It makes a huge difference for our clients and our budget!

Specific Tasks Needing Done

This is a beta feature. If you want to help get this done, leave a comment. You can also vote up things you think we should do sooner.

Fun Ways to Support Us

Volunteer FAQ

Moved? Joined a group? Get your group credit on our top group listing! Update your information!