Getting Started

Getting Started is Easy:

For San Marcos volunteers, go here. For Austin, take these three simple steps:
  1. Submit interest form (just above)
  2. Orientation: Review our volunteer FAQ (below) and then watch our short online video so we make sure your first serve with us is a success!
  3. Survey/Signup: Answer an online quiz about the video and share information about yourself so we can get you signed up for your first serve and best match you up to opportunities! Signup is part of the survey


Groups can do many things for us. Your group can make manna bags. Signup below. Or your group can collect needed items from our list or schedule. If you want to visit our drop-in, you can request a service project using our form

In-Kind Giving

Volunteers are always welcome to collect needed items for us. We keep a list at our needs page. It makes a huge difference for our clients and our budget!

Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer Orientation
We ask everyone to watch our volunteer orientation videos and take our volunteer surveys once a year. The series helps keep everyone pulling in the same direction.

The quiz link is revealed in the video. To watch orientation #2 or binge watch them all, here's the SYM Volunteer Training youtube playlist!

Fun Ways to Support Us

About our Volunteers

Moved? Joined a group? Get your group credit on our top group listing! Update your information!