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In January 2017, Street Youth Ministry expanded the scope of our services to respond to the immediate closure of a federally funded health and human services center that had exclusively served our younger clients for years. While we were unsure if our new services could meet the continuing needs of our clients, we knew we needed to try. The great news is that it's working very well after four months of operations. We now provide 250 more meals, 50 more clothing outfits, and 14 more hours of operationIt's been a big success and helped meet the needs of our clients well. 

Now it is time for us to address our financial needs, since we know the service is being provided well. We essentially merged the operations of the outgoing service's $400,000/year "drop-in center with those of our $200,000/year ministry. We project this will add only $110,000/year to our costs. We knew this was a big challenge, so we've taken it step by step. First, we added new staff, new procedures and new hours in January through March while preserving the unique SYM offerings our clients have loved over the years. Next, we broke even in April with some special fundraising from out-of-town high tech friends of our founder, Terry Cole. Now, we are engaged in a word-of-mouth fundraising campaign for May and June, mostly regional, to break even for the 12 months ending June 30This summer, our missionaries will do individual fund-raising in their communities. Then we will make one final drive in November and December to leave the year in good financial position. I urge you to consider donating now

This is a perfect example of local activism doing what once was once done by the federal government. We must find it in our hearts to fund services like these that are so critical to the young homeless adults and runaways who are in our region. We are working with ECHO and HUD to permanently end youth homelessness by 2020 in our region. In the meantime, critical needs like food, clothing, toiletries, a safe place for community and mentorship -- all of which we provide now -- are vital to street youth. Your support means serving 60 individuals every week. The outcomes are fantastic! They don't grow into chronic older homeless people. They do amazing things as they gain stability and attain entry level education, employment and housing already provided in our community. Donate below to support our new drop-in services. If you want to help us fund-raise, simply email -- it's a simple process to set up a tax-deductible online form to share with your friends as part of a graduation celebration, Father's Day, or other summer kickoff event! We need your support by June 30, online or mailed directly to Street Youth Ministry, 408 W 23rd Street Basement, Austin TX 78705. Thank you!

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