Today there are lots of ways to go geocaching without having to print out sheets of paper containing the information about the caches you are seeking.  This is commonly referred to as "paperless caching".  You might have one of the newer GPS units that can be loaded with GPX files.  You might have a smart phone that can access the internet at any time and get information about any cache.  All of these things are cool.

I found myself in a situation where I wanted that cache information to be easily accessible but I don't have one of those modern gizmos. (And frankly don't want to buy one) What I wanted was a way to print out sheets that presented the same essential caching info in a super compact form. So I can't achieve "paperless" caching, but I can achieve "less paper" caching. That's what TinyGPX is.

TinyGPX is 100% free software.

Here's some example output to better explain what it does.

Update May 15, 2012 - For the first time in a long time I've released a new version.  Fixed a few bugs and also upgraded to Python 2.7 and wxPython  I don't think I have any more big plans for this project but I'm happy to do bug fixes when users tell me about them.

Update December 18, 2009
- Attention all geeks:  I'm starting to use SourceForge to keep track of the development of this project.  I don't know why I never used it before because you get all kinds of cool stuff for free:
  • Help forums - This is the new official way to get help for TinyGPX.
  • Source code control - Which makes my life much easier and maybe allows me to get some coding help.
  • Development Wiki - A great place to jot down development ideas for later consideration.
With this new power to actually be a bit organized about the development of this little project who knows how far I can take it.  :-)

Update December 9, 2009
- Today I'm releasing version 3.0!  I've been working on it for a long time and it's ready for the light of day.  It's the same basic functionality but a much slicker UI.  All the version 2 stuff is still accessible.  Take a look at the downloads section and the documentation section to learn more!

Update November 10, 2009
- I found a pretty basic bug in the UI on the Process button which is now fixed.  I also upgraded to Python 2.6.  The downloads section has the most recent stuff.

Update September 25, 2008 - I finished version 2.0 and it now has a GUI!  It's pretty modest as GUIs go but I'm excited since it's the first one I've made. You can read updated documentation and see screenshots in the documentation section.  Head over to the downloads section to get the new version.  If you have an opinion on the UI by all means send me an email and let me know.

Update July 18, 2008 - Wrote a little script that is very similar to TinyGPX that reads in multiple LOC files and spits out a KML file that you can load up in Google Earth.  It's called LOC2KML and it's available in Python script form from the downloads section.

Update May 13, 2008 - Made a new version with the following changes:

  • Added improved support for LOC files including a special waymarking icon.
  • All files within a directory are now processed in alphabetical order. They were previously processed in an arbitrary order.
  • Verbose output now prints out file names instead of only directory names.

Update May 6, 2008 - Made a new version with the following changes:

  • Upgraded to Python 2.5, which fixed some lingering XML parsing bugs.
  • Fixed bug with Unicode in verbose mode.
  • Handle gpx files with easier to understand error message.

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