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Strategic Image Consulting strengthens the professional image of each client through effective marketing, branding, public relations and business writing.  Companies and individuals benefit from having a stronger reputation by attracting customers and increasing profitability.

Clients of Strategic Image Consulting include financial firms, start ups, travel companies, fashion designers, authors and  technology firms trading on the NASDAQ and the NYSE.  We increase the client's profitability by strenthening the client's reputation, improving brand recognition and vetting every area of the business for consistency and industry appropriateness.  We strategize and think outside the box until our clients effectively achieve all of their business goals. 

We are experienced in the following:


Private Companies
Public Companies: Trading on the NASDAQ & the NYSE
Individual Clients: For example, authors promoting published works

How is your company represented in the digital age?

• Help create a strong online corporate presence
• Increase client's profits by strengthening reputation and visibility
• Create, assist and edit all written materials including copywriting websites, business plans, books, shareholder letters and annual reports.
• Managing marketing materials including brochures, PowerPoint presentations and all sales materials.

We strive to ensure that our clients achieve an image of professionalism that is consistent, industry appropriate and effective.

At Strategic Image Consulting, we create or improve a client's professional image.  We ensure that clients represent themselves well and put their best face forward to the media and the general public. 

Achieving the most professional image possible attracts clients and ultimately increases profitability.