TECHNOLOGY In some cases, the client knows what it wants and we implement the solution as an extension of their staff. In other instances, we assess the situation, make recommendations and then deploy the approved solution(s). Often, this occurs in conjunction with consulting work. Technology solutions are functionally and application specific, but most commonly involve supportive, enabling solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s operation.


TOP TECHNOLOGY PREDICTIONS The most pressing issues in technology, according to CIO Magazine, highlight the challenges faced by most organizations today. Will your organization fall victim to these or leverage them to your advantage?



OUR VALUE PROPOSITION Strategic Innovations technology deployments are driven by strategy, not vice versa. Flawless implementation delivers immediate client benefit. But ever mindful of the long-term, our solutions are also engineered to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring their ongoing efficacy throughout the client's business life-cycle. All Strategic Innovations technology proposals detail the problem(s), solution(s), project plan, investment. Also, expected ROI--savings and revenue growth--are quantified. 

  1. “We have a lot of technology that no one uses.”
  2. “There are so many vendors, which one is best for us?”
  3. “I need this to grow with us.”
  4. “Budget dictates that we break this into pieces.”
  5. “I need an immediate solution, not a protracted effort.”
  6. “We just need to get it set up, then we can take it over.