We improve the people dimension of our clients through direct engagement with our leadership team. With more than 45 years experience in startups, Fortune 50s and all points in between, we add deep experience in chemicals, engineering, technology, transportation & energy to your team. Our senior level expertise in strategy, sales, marketing, finance & product development equip us to easily relate to your leaders and best advise them. An exclusive partnership with world-class people-development firm, Holt Consulting Services, brings to bear a nearly limitless array workshops and learning experiences. (Download People Development Brochure.)

SI impacts our clients' technology dimension as is necessary to support the business plan. Our technology projects improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Our SuperSites™ service puts the web to work for you, offering cost-effective, quickly-implemented websites and management tools. Supersites can have you up and running in about a week with a professional, search-optimized  website, email, calendar, document Storage, accounting, nearly limitless other management tools. (Download SuperSites Brochure.)

Our impact on clients' process dimension is reflected in our systematic, data-driven business building methodology. We have to convince ourselves that an idea is investment worthy before advising a client to proceed with it. We adapt our consulting to the client's strategic planning principles, or develop such for them if necessary. Every idea, regardless of complexity, must have a clear and quantified value proposition. We then adapt or re-engineer  the client's work processes using our wide range of functional abilities, including six sigma (operations), market research, financial analysis and other areas. (Download Business Acceleration Services Brochure.)

The materials dimension is unique to clients that are engaged in manufacturing, SI assists these in optimizing the use of raw materials. Examples of available support, primarily managed through operations or procurement functions, include qualifying lower-cost alternatives, cultivating supplier competition and performing yield improvement studies.