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Camp Florence Renovation, Phase 1

Building Envelope & Exterior Repairs
Florence, Oregon - 2013
Oregon Youth Authority

Camp Florence is located southwest of Florence 
Oregon and serves the OYA south central costal 
area. The facility consists of a main building which houses the basic youth functions and a secondary building which has a workshop and weight room. There are a number of ancillary buildings which are utilitarian in nature.   
The Faculty’s boundary sits within the Joaquin 
Miller State Park.  The site is owned by the State of Oregon Parks Department.  Lush Wooded forest surrounds the site on three sides, and along the west edge a small tranquil pond wraps the perimeter.  Sand dunes can be seen in the distance to the west. The Facility gains access from the south off of South Jetty road, at which point a single 450 foot long lane asphalt paved driveway traverses the woods ending at the main parking area.

This remodel project consisted of both work on the interior & exterior and its main focus was to increase the thermal comfort and efficiency of the facility.

On the exterior, the existing single pane windows were replaced with triple glazed vinyl windows. The existing T-111 siding was removed, OSB under layment along with insulation and new Hardi-plank siding was installed. 

On the interior, The existing 1/4" wood paneling was overlaid with high impact gypsum board, the new windows were trimmed out, and the entire facility was painted.

Completed Project

Removal of the Siding

New Exterior Sheathing & Windows

New Exterior Tyvek

Interior Abatement

Finished Interior