Phoenix Building Facade

Facade Renovation 
LaGrande, Oregon - 2013 - 2014
John J. Howard & Associates

This Highly visible two story masonry building was constructed around the turn of the century.  Over the years modernization, reuse, and adaptation has transformed its original historical masonry facade into another downtown building. 

In pursuit of local re-development monies available through the historic preservation society, the Owner of the building, contractor, and Straightline Architects went to work to create a design and renovation approach to transform the current facade back to reflect its current form with modern materials and a tight budget. 

Straightline Architects took the spirit of the original building through old photographs, overlaid the current configuration, and through the use of Photoshop and computer modeling a concept rendering was created. 

The proposal to the La Grande Historic preservation society was taken very well, monies were appropriated, and implementation of the new design was approved.

In April 2014 colors were selected and In May 2014 construction started. (see pictures below)

Circa 1910

Existing Today

Proposed Renovation

Construction May 2014

Construction May 2014