Mike Sepulveda / Counselor

Meet the Teacher: I am very happy to be working at St. Pius X School.  St. Pius is a great school with a caring community of families.

    I retired from the public school system in 2011.  I served as a teacher, counselor and administrator.  Most of my years were as a counselor.  I have worked as a counselor for every grade level, K3 - 12th grade.

     I am a Richard King high school graduate.  I have several degrees, including a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, Masters of Education and Texas School Counselor Certification.

     Some of my hobbies include, reading, exercising, and music.  In my younger years I ran road races, even a few marathons.  Now I walk and jog and try to eat healthy.  

Thank you for the opportunity to work for you.  I truly enjoy working at St. Pius and give it my all everyday to serve the school and community.  

School Phone: 361-992-1343  (Cell:361-232-2503).
School Email: msepulveda@stpiusxschoolcc.org

Schedule: I am here on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays.