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Cafeteria - Lunch Menu

Student Lunch: $2.90
Ala Carte/Extra entree: $1.50.  

St. Philip School Lunch Procedures and Policies:
Each school family receives a monthly school lunch menu the prior to the new month via email.  Each school family also has the option of receiving a school lunch menu paper copy per request.  Each family is asked to pay for the school lunches weekly or the beginning of the month if paying monthly.
Lunch money is collected on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The bank deposits will be made every Friday.  If a large number of deposits are collected early in a week an earlier deposit will be made that week.  
Any family can apply for the free and reduced lunch program. You will find this application on You can apply at any time during the year. It is completely confidential! This is a big benefit to for our school. 
The cafeteria manager charges the lunches and ala carte items to each student’s individual account at the end of each day. All families must register at Here you will be able to see your child’s lunch account information, such as purchased items and account balances. You will be able to turn on notifications to remind you when your child's account funds are low.  No money is exchanged in the serving line by students.  Any adult purchases must paid at the register; you cannot have the students lunch account charged.  The lunch price per student is $2.90. Adult meals are $3.60 for the 2019-2020 school year.
Our charging policy for school meals is a (-$20.00) amount, a five meal maximum. Once your child reaches the $20 limit they will be served and charged for an alternate meal. This policy has been established by Diocese of Covington. I will do my best to send notification emails when your child’s account is low; otherwise this is your responsibility to check your child’s balance frequently.
The homeroom teacher takes a daily lunch count and sends it to the cafeteria.  The lunch count shows each student’s lunch request: buying, packing, extras, and daily absences. The cafeteria and teacher supervise the students as they go through the serving line for correct lunch choice and adequate number of serving choices (3 of 5 min).
There is one basic meal pattern that I must follow to meet the requirements mandated by the National School Lunch Program. Our lunch program is an "offer versus serve" program. That means that I must offer a minimum of five items at each lunch meal. Those items are a serving of bread/grain, a milk, a protein, a vegetable, and a fruit. The students must take three of the five items and one must be a fruit or vegetable.
The students do have the option of a Grab and Go bag lunch. The different options are a pb&j (aka jamwich), yogurt, plain cheese sandwich, turkey and cheese. The Grab and Go’s only replace the main entree. Students will still need to pick a fruit, vegetable or milk to meet the requirements. 

Megan Clift, Cafeteria Manager

November 2019 Menu

The Sharing Table:
The Sharing Table is a place where students can place unopened food and drinks that they choose not to eat or drink. This provides an opportunity for other students to take additional helpings of food or beverages from the Sharing Table at no cost to them.
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