All adults who work or volunteer with our children, even if limited, MUST complete the Virtus program. By putting in a little effort, we can help ensure our children grow and thrive in a safe environment. Below are the steps to help protect our children. 

  1. Sign up for training. Register with VIRTUS to open an account and choose a live training session. The sessions take place at various locations in the diocese.  For more information, please Register at or call the Parish Office (859-441-8949).
  2. Complete a background check. There is a one-time cost of $25.
  3. Read the Creating a Safe Environment – Procedures for Addressing Sexual Misconduct manual.
  4. Complete and sign the Volunteer Application.
  5. Complete and sign the Acceptance Form.
  6. Return the completed Volunteer Application and Acceptance Form to the parish office for processing through the Diocese.

You will need to read the required monthly training bulletins at to continue the education process. Each month, you will be notified by email to complete the monthly assignment. You can view your status of your online training on the website.

If you would like to volunteer at the school, attend field trips, or even become a basketball coach, you MUST be Virtus qualified.  Sign up today! 

For more information, please feel free to contact the parish office (
859-441-8949).  All forms can also be downloaded from

What are the VIRTUS programs?

VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practices programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote "rightdoing" within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better control risk and improve the lives of all those who interact with the Church.

Who created the VIRTUS programs?

The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. (National Catholic) created the programs. Monsignor Kevin McCoy, past board chairman of National Catholic, asked whether child sexual abuse could be prevented and, if so, how? In March of 1998, National Catholic invited prominent national experts—experts in many disciplines—to discuss these questions at a forum in Washington, D.C. From those discussions, the initiative for the VIRTUS programs was created. The National Catholic Board of Directors selected an Ad Hoc Committee to oversee development of the programs. The Ad Hoc Committee was assisted by a steering committee of nationally known experts and program and service providers.

Who is The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.?

The company was conceived in 1985, licensed in 1987, and commenced operations June 30, 1988, in response to a commercial insurance market instability which had resulted in limited availability of coverage, limited underwriting capacity, and unjustified premium increases. National Catholic is owned and ultimately managed by its shareholders. Company policies are therefore established by shareholders for the benefit of shareholders. The company currently has 60 shareholders consisting of 59 archdioceses and dioceses and one risk pooling trust. Our vision is to be leaders in pursuing solutions for financing and managing the liability risks of the Catholic Church through cooperative approaches. Our mission is to provide financially stable and cost-effective excess liability programs to address the needs of Catholic dioceses and religious communities throughout the United States.