Week of September 16, 2019
Spelling words for the week:

There is no spelling list this week.

Memory work for the week: 

There will be no memory work this week.

Language Arts--> This week we be reviewing the stories from our reading books and working on our reading skills through some short stories.  We will work on our reading fluency, comprehension, and writing/grammar skills through the week as we read these stories.  Students will have daily classwork to help work on our reading skills.
Students have received their AR book levels and goals.  This week, students will be working on independent reading and comprehension quizzes.  Students should be reading books that are in their AR book level for the best practice!  Students have until September 27th to meet their AR goal for first quarter.  

Spelling--> There is no spelling list this week.  We will work on practicing using words and correct spellings this week in our other classwork.  Students will not have a spelling test or spelling city assignments this week. 

Math--> This week we will be continuing on our second grade math lessons.  We will be working on word problems, telling and showing time to the half hour, estimating temperature, reading a thermometer, counting dimes and pennies, and writing addition and subtraction fact families.  Students will have a short homework assignment for each lesson we complete in class. 

Science--> This week we will continue our second chapter in our science books: All About Animals.  We will be learning about these questions: What are some ways reptiles are adapted?  What are some ways amphibians are adapted? What are some animals without backbones?

Social Studies--> This week we will be finishing in our first unit for social studies.  Students will be learning about the geography of the Americas.  This week we will be reviewing what we have learned, working on some directed map activities, and work on our in-class project "Me on the Map".  Our test will be on Wednesday this week.  

Religion--> This week we will finishing up  our Bible story book: The Promised Land.  We will be learning the following stories throughout our week: The Call of Gideon and Gideon leads God's People.  We will read the stories and complete activities for each story together in class.  We will also review these stories and start getting ready for our upcoming test.  

There is no memory work this week.  

Reminders and announcements:

Reading is a very important part to your student’s development. Help your student by reading at home! 

This week we will continue our use of Accelerated Reader.  This is an online program where students read books and then take a comprehension quiz on it.  Each book has a point value assigned to it and if the student passes the quiz, they receive those points-based on their ZPD and the minutes of reading time they have in class.  Each student will be given a goal of a certain number of points to achieve by the end of the quarter. Students has received a bookmark to keep at school and a paper was sent home with information about each student’s goal and ZPD range. Students should be reading books that are in their range.  If you would like to check the level of the books you have at home, it’s very easy to do!  Simply go to www.arbookfind.com and enter the title of the book.  If there is a quiz for the book, it will give you the book level and the points the book is worth.  Students may read books they want to take quizzes on at home, but they can only take quizzes at school.  I am looking forward to seeing the kids grow in their reading as the year goes on. If you have any questions about finding books, or anything else, please let me know.

Any families wishing to contribute to our second grade classroom may ask Ms. Detlaff for areas of need.  Our class store can always use a little extra love!  Small toys, individually wrapped candies (ask your child about their favorites!), and other fun items for our treasure box/store are always of use to us!

St. Peter will again participate in the South Korean Exchange Student Program.  Our school will host students from South Korea for three weeks in January.  Please prayerfully consider opening your home to one or more students next year!  By hosting, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about South Korea and help your own children become more culturally knowledgeable.  Requirements for hosting include taking your South Korean student to church each week, feeding them two meals a day (school lunches are provided), giving them a bed to sleep in (they don’t need their own room), and providing for their general safety and welfare, much like you do your own child!  If you cannot host, but would like to be involved with the program, we have a place for you!  If you would like more information as you consider hosting/helping or are ready to sign up, please contact Ms. Wilke at jwilke@stpeterlodi.com.

First Quarter chapel offerings are going to Directions Medical Clinic.  Each classroom has a baby bottle container to fill with our chapel offerings each week.  Students are invited to bring coins and/or paper money to help fill the bottle each week!

Thank you for checking out our online newsletter for the 2nd grade!

Upcoming tests/quizzes:
Social Studies test --> Wednesday, September 18
Religion test --> Monday, September 23

Other due dates:
Me on the Map Project (in-class) --> Wednesday, September 18
Important Dates: 
Student Led Conferences - Early Dismissal --> Thursday, September 19
Student Led Conferences  - NO School --> Friday, September 20
Fall Fundraiser --> Friday, September 20
Staff/Student Volleyball Game --> Wednesday, September 25
End of First Quarter --> Friday, September 27

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Rachel Detlaff,
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