May 24, 2019                                                                                                                            Issue 31

St. Peter Lutheran School

Upcoming Events

  • May 30- 8th graduation
  • May 31- Closing Chapel @ 9:00
  • May 31- Last day of school 1:00 dismissal

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend.

Last Day of School "Big Games Day"

Volunteers Needed!

See flyer.

Next school year, St. Peter will again participate in the South Korean Exchange Student Program.  Our school will host students from South Korea for three weeks in the winter. During the summer break, please prayerfully consider opening your home to one or more students next year!  By hosting, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about South Korea and help your own children become more culturally knowledgeable. Requirements for hosting include taking your South Korean student to church each week, feeding them two meals a day (school lunches are provided), giving them a bed to sleep in (they don’t need their own room), and providing for their general safety and welfare, much like you do your own child!  There is a small stipend available for host families. If you cannot host, but would like to be involved with the program, we have a place for you! If you would like more information as you consider hosting/helping or are ready to sign up, please contact Ms. Wilke at  

Poem of the week: By Savannah Boston, 7th grade

How to Hold a Cat

First, pick up the cat

Then hold its feet to support it

Next, mess with its face so your kitty can make funny faces

Tell it what a wonderful cat it is

Hold the cat upside down


Pull and bite its tail

Then hold the cat by its armpits

Let its legs dangle down

Look it in the eyes and show it who’s boss

Then go show your family and friends your new cat scratches