December 7, 2018                                                                                                                             Issue 14

St. Peter Lutheran School

Upcoming Events

  • December 11- Two Can Tuesday
  • December 12- Chapel led by kindergarten
  • December 19- Christmas Musical
  • December 21- Love & the Outcome Concert
Looking for some evening and weekend PIP hour opportunities... Contact Bari Marr at 
PTL is looking for help assembling the Christmas Grams

 Tuesday, December 11th bring two non perishable items and your student may enjoy free dress!

Korean Exchange Student Program

" might feel overwhelming to add more chaos and more hustle and bustle to your life by hosting, but the reward far outweighs any temporary inconveniences."
~a parent who hosted a Korean student in 2016

There is a little bit of time for you to sign up as a host family!  We're looking for places for 2-4 more students!  Contact Ms. Wilke at for more information.

Q: When will the students be at St. Peter Lutheran School?

A: They will visit us January 8-28, 2019.

Q: What do the students do while they’re here?

A: They will attend St. Peter and take the usual course of classes (grades 4-8).  They will also have language support classes after school twice a week taught by a St. Peter teacher.  Additionally, the students will go on organized tours and activities each Saturday, hosted by our Activities Coordinator.

Q: Does the Korean student need to have his/her own room?

A: No!  He/she can share with your child of the same gender.

Q: What should I feed the student?

A: They eat what your child eats! And each day, the school will provide a lunch.

Q: Our family schedule is very busy.  How will I fit in another child?

A:  The Korean student will go where you go!  That's part of our American culture - being busy!  So, it's good exposure to our culture and gives the Korean student new experiences.  The Korean students only have obligations after school a few days a week.

Q: What if I'm not sure I can pick up/drop off my Korean student on a certain day?

A: Call a family member, another school parent, or a teacher for help!  We're happy to arrange something.

Q: Can I earn PIP hours?

A: Yes, all PIP hour requirements for the year are fulfilled by hosting.

Q: What if my own children aren’t yet in middle school?

A: That’s okay!  Korean students look forward to having younger siblings.  And if you’re unsure how to parent older children, there will be an orientation meeting to help you and ongoing assistance throughout the duration or their stay!

The Christmas Musical is fast approaching and I'm sure you are just as excited as I am to see the show! All the kids in school have been working hard and it's sure to be a wondeful night.
The show is Wednesday, December 19th at 7:00 pm. Every student in grades K-8th is in the show and you should plan to drop your child off, in costume, at their classroom at 6:30. The show is held in the gym and the gym  doors open at 6:30 as well.
Due to problems in the past and to make seating fair for everyone  
   NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE GYM BEFORE 6:30. Seating is first come, first served.
The show takes place at a diner in the 1950's. Each child needs a costume and you are free to choose whatever 50's themed outfit you would like. This can be as simple as cuffed jeans and a white t-shirt to a poodle skirt and crinoline. Pinterest has lots of great ideas. Remember a cute scarf in a ponytail or a slicked back hair cut go a long way.
The second grade girls and the entire 8th grade have special roles. You do not need to provide anything for this. They should wear any 50's themed outfit and we will handle their extra costume pieces.
We are asking that every family contribute cookies for the cookie fellowship after the show. Please drop your cookies off in the school office anytime before 3:15 on December 19th.
Contact me if you have any questions,
Leigh Johnson
Middle School Poems-

I get hit by the snow coming down

Every winter it happens

It never stops

I wait for it, just to stop

 But it never does

I wish it did

When it does stop, it is only for a few seconds

Then it finally does stop, for good

Mom, when will you stop giving me chores?

By Joe Augello