Week of March 2-6, 2020

Hello Parents,


We are down to the last few days of the quarter! Whew! We made it! 

Congrats to our A-Girls basketball team as they took home 2nd place in the Nor-Cal tournament this weekend! 

5/6 Social Studies will be doing a peer review on Monday of the Palm-Leaf books and will have a test on Lesson 18 on Tuesday. There is a quizlet that is available to study from. We will also have a timeline activity to work on this week as well as a map challenge to open our unit on China!

6-Red Math will be starting chapter 9.

6-Blue Math will be finishing up chapter 11. 

7-Green Math will be continuing in our 4/5 chapter this week!

7-Algebra will have a test on Monday and then we start system of equations!

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