Christian Faith:
We will learn some ways that we can share our faith in Jesus through our actions towards others.  

We will review and assess our knowledge of the 71 phonograms we have learned this year.  No additional homework in reading or spelling this week.

The students who met their fourth quarter reading goal are invited to the AR party Thursday beginning at 1:00 pm.  They will watch a movie and have a snack in the gym.  These students may bring a pillow or blanket to the party. 


I have enjoyed working with your wonderful children this year.  I appreciate all the help you have given them and me this year. Special thanks to our PTL president/librarian, Bari Marr, for her leadership and time spent to benefit our students and school.   Thank you also to Amanda Heuer, Julia Berthold, and Clarissa Rosano who also faithfully served in PTL leadership.  Becky Vatanparast shared her sewing talents in designing and making several of the costumes in The Little Mermaid.  Thank you to those who helped lead reading groups, especially Mrs. Heuer.  We also appreciate Mr. Jacobson and all of his room parent helpers, and our field trip drivers!


We will learn the origins of American jazz and listen to some early jazz music.

Social Studies:

Students will take an open book test on our Mexico unit on Wednesday.  The student binder has the study guide in it.  On Wednesday we will then celebrate our study of Mexico will several fun activities including songs, dances, games, piñata, Spanish cartoons, and food.  Mrs. Trammell has agreed to pick up our lunches ordered from Casa Flores for all the students.  Individual lunches includes rice, beans, and one chicken or beef taco and burrito.  We will also have nachos and lemonade or cherry drinks.  We are using class activity funds for this purpose.  I could use help making sure all students are served.

Last Day of School:

We will have chapel on Friday beginning at 9:00.  Students should wear their red logo shirt.  Students will only receive All-year recognitions at the end of chapel.  The 4th quarter recognitions will be distributed following the chapel service in the classrooms.  The all-school games take place in the field from 10:30 am to 12:15 pm.  A free lunch will follow for the students.  Students return to their classrooms at 12:45 pm followed by dismissal at 1:00 pm.  May God bless you with a wonderful summer!

Jacki Nishimoto,
May 27, 2019, 6:49 PM