St. Peter Lutheran School has established a uniform policy for all students in grades Kindergarten through 8th keeping biblical principles of modesty in mind. Our students are expected to maintain an appropriate appearance that is neat, clean and modest at all times. Please note that this dress code is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.


All Students:

Shirts – Only collared polo shirts are permitted (long or short sleeved). (Red, White, and Navy) Solid white, long sleeved crew neck t-shirts are permitted under polo shirts. All (boys and girls) students must have their shirts tucked in during class time. In addition, each child must have at least 1 red logo shirt featuring our new logo to wear for chapel and on fieldtrips.

Pants – Only Khaki or Navy Blue slacks are permitted. Blue jeans will not be permitted except on free dress days. All pants must be clean and in good repair (no holes, frayed edges, or fading). Pants must fit properly and may not be sagging, baggy, low cut, or tight fitting. Cargo, patch pockets, Capri, and other styles will not be allowed.

Shorts – Khaki or Navy Blue uniform style shorts are acceptable and must be at least fingertip length. Shorts must fit properly and may not be sagging, baggy, low cut, or tight fitting. Cargo, patch pockets, and other styles will not be allowed. Elastic waist shorts or pants will be allowed for younger students.

Socks – Only solid white socks will be allowed. No logos, insignias, or designs will be permitted.

Belts – Belts are optional, but if worn must be solid black or brown leather style. No designs or textures such as canvas or weaved belts will be permitted. Only standard belt buckles will be allowed – no addition, large, or excessive buckles will be permitted.

Hair – Unnatural hair coloring, extreme coloring, extreme cuts, and shaved-in designs are unacceptable. All hair styles must be neatly kept and have a look of good grooming.

Shoes – All students should always wear tennis shoes/athletic shoes at all times. No other type of footwear will be allowed. This applies also to free dress days and special dress days (unless otherwise specified).

Coats & Jackets – Outerwear must be removed for class. Outerwear must be in compliance with free dress policy.

Sweatshirts & Sweaters – Only solid colored (Red, White, or Navy Blue) uniform shirt pullover or zippered sweatshirts or sweaters will be allowed in class. Students wearing clothing with hoods will not be allowed to have their hoods up in the classroom or outside when the weather does not require it. On Fridays, sweatshirts/pullovers from special school sponsored events and field trips such as Jenness, Wolf Mountain, or CIMI will be allowed. No sequins, piping, or other embellishments on outerwear will be permitted.

Hats and scarves - Must be free of words and pictures and may only be worn outdoors when weather makes it necessary. (Extremely cold weather or hot sun)


Girls’ Uniform Requirements:

Skirts, Skorts & Jumpers – Khaki or Navy Blue are acceptable and must be at least fingertip length. Classic Navy Large Plaid from Land’s End skirts and skorts.  All girls must wear shorts under their clothing.

Polo Dresses – Red or Navy dresses will be allowed.

Makeup – Nail polish may be worn by girls – artificial nails are not allowed. No Elementary girls may wear make-up. Jr. High girls’ make-up may not be worn in excess.

Jewelry – Jewelry is discouraged because of safety, loss or damage, but if worn must be modest. Jewelry that is contrary to the Christian faith is not allowed (i.e. Ying yang, astrology symbols, skulls, etc.) Girls may not wear large hoops or excessive dangling earrings. 

Tights & Leggings – Tights and leggings are only allowed to be worn under skirts, skorts, jumpers, and polo dresses. Tights & leggings are not to be worn under shorts, or by themselves. Must be White or Navy Blue in color. Black is not allowed.

Head wear – Minimal accessories are allowed, but should not draw undue attention. Enforcement is up to teacher discretion.


Boys’ Uniform Requirements:

Hair – Boys’ hair should not fall below the eyebrow or extend below the collar.

Head wear – Hats may be worn only when weather permits. No bandannas or scarves may be worn by boys.

Other Uniform Requirements:

All students are to wear their regular uniform Monday through Friday (Spirit shirts may be worn on Friday) unless a free or special dress has been specified by the administration.

Body piercing is not allowed with the exception of ear piercing for girls.

Tattoos (real or pretend) including body markings are not allowed.

Spirit Wear – Fridays are spirit days. This means that spirit shirts from any school year may be worn instead of uniform shirts. Uniform bottoms must be worn on Fridays - blue jeans will not be permitted. Spirit shirts may be from any school year, a special school event such as the spring musical or Christmas program. A new spirit shirt with the current year’s theme verse will be available for order when school begins.

Free Dress Day - Free dress consists of wearing clothes that are not uniform but needs to abide by school dress code. As with all free dress days, clothing must be neat and clean, appropriately modest, without holes or frayed edges and present a good Christian witness. Blue jeans are allowed, but no skinny jeans. Shirts must have sleeves – no spaghetti strap or tank tops. All shorts and bottoms must be fingertip length. Athletic shoes must be worn at all times. If the clothing creates any suspicion in your mind, don’t wear it. Tights, leggings, and yoga pants will not be permitted unless worn under other garments.

Special Dress Day – Occasionally there are special, themed dress days. Depending on the theme, certain types of clothing may be allowed that are otherwise restricted (e.g. shoes). 

This dress code is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.

You may purchase uniforms from the following vendors. Both have our logo and are able to embroider.

Land’s End:

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