Third Grade Newsletter: Mr. Richter's Class

                                                     Theme Verse: Psalm 46:1-2 God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. 


 Monday: 05/24
Math: Math facts and time table test.
Handwriting: What is your dream vacation, Why? 
English: Finish movie
Spelling: Find spelling words in text book.
Spelling: All year spelling words 
Reading: Beezus and Ramona finish movie
History: Missionaries p. 101 read pages 191-193  
Science: Page 149 Vocabulary preview    

 Tuesday: 05/25
Math: Star math
Handwriting: What is your favorite color and Why?
English: Study guide for Beezus and Roman  
Spelling: Classifying the spelling word 
Spelling: 20 sentences cursive and underline the spelling words   
Reading: Star reading 
History: lesson 64 page 195 
Science: Compare and contrast pages 150-151   

         Wednesday: 05/26
Math: Math facts 
Handwriting: Do you think students should wear uniforms. and Why? 
Spelling: Defining the spelling words    
Spelling: Each spelling word 5 times each
English: Study guide finish   
Reading: AR goal
History: lesson 66 49th parallel read pages 199-200  
Science: TBA  
    Thursday: 05/27
Math: Benchmark test   
Spelling: Working in groups with spelling words  
Spelling: Practice test any word missed write 5 times each. 
English: Beezus and Ramona test 
Reading: Beezus and Ramona 
History: None
Science: None 

        Friday: 05/28
Math: Math facts game 
Handwriting: Should third graders have cell phones? Why or why not?
English: AR goal 
Spelling: Test    
Reading: AR goal
History: None
Science: None  

Assignments the Week of:5/24-5/28

Christian Faith: Grace 
Math: Multiplication division fractions and star math. 
Handwriting: Journal
Language arts: 
English: Book review and test  
Spelling: Understand the spelling words 
Spelling: ABC order,20 sentences 5 time each. 
Spelling test: All year woords 
Reading:Beezus and Ramona finish   
Science: Chapter 16 solar system  
History: pages 191-200

Important Date:


Chapel wear red polo. 


Spelling test 
Memory test



Spelling Words
1. milk
2. faith 
3. teeth
4. miles
5. road
6. true
7. fruit
8. cent
9. needed
10. used
11. floor
12. church
13. fair
14. over
15. apple
16. alive 
17. sour 
18. wool
19. job
20. soft

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