Vogelweid Learning Center History

Vogelweid Learning Center is a special services program associated with Saint Peter Interparish School in Jefferson City, Missouri. Msgr. Vogelweid believed that every student who wanted it, should be able to receive a Catholic education, no matter what his or her learning ability. He was also being urged by parents from Saint Peter Parish who had children with mild to severe disabilities. To that end, a special education school was founded by Bishop Marling, Msgr. Vogelweid, the School Sisters of Notre Dame and dedicated parents, who wanted to give their children with special needs a Catholic education. It was opened in September 9.1964 by Monsignor Joseph Vogelweid and ran by Sr. Adele Hulling, SSND. The program opened with 15 students. The program was first called Saint Peter's Special Education Program. It was changed in 1984 when the building was renamed in honor of Monsignor Vogelweid.

At its inception, the Vogelweid program operated as a self-contained special education program enrolling children from the parish. It started with few resources and gradually built up the program. At it's inception the students used the same books as the rest of the students at levels and speeds adjusted to each student's ability. Today students are taught on their level through the use of many different books, methods, manipulatives, and devices.

Vogelweid Learning Center has since evolved into an inclusive program within Saint Peter Interparish School and now enrolls children from other Catholic parishes as well as children of other faiths. Children receiving services through the program remain in the regular classroom whenever possible. When needing a different approach, children travel from the regular classroom and receive small group or one-to-one instruction.

Monsignor Vogelweid Building (currently used by preschool)