Student Leadership

The purpose of St. Peter Interparish School Student Leadership is to develop Christian Leadership, provide opportunities for responsibility and involvement in school functions, promote school spirit, and to represent the student body at meetings and other school activities. Student leadership is offered to students in grades 5-8.

Student Leadership led a can food drive that competed with the Catholic Schools in the area. Participating was St. Peter's, St. Joseph Cathedral School, Immaculate Conception, St. Martins, St. Stanislaus, and St. Francis. St. Peter's student leadership held several competitions to collect the food. Together we collected 17,220 pounds of food. St. Peter won the drive by collecting 7, 575 pounds of food. Way to go Student Leadership!!!

Student Leadership Activities

2016 Food Drive Competition


We brought in 10,450 pounds of food for the Samaritan Center. Thank you for your generosity.

One of the activities held to help get the students to bring in cans of food was a can building activity. See below the many different structures made with the cans.

2016 Stu-Co Food Drive Award

2015 Stu-Co Food Drive Award

2015 Can Activity

Another one of the activities was to bring in 5 cans of food to receive a piece of duck tape to be used to tape Fr. Greg to the gym wall. Using over 250 pieces of tape as you can see below we adhered Fr. Greg to the wall.


Student Leadership sponsored a Haunted Hallway. The hallway that leads from the first grade hallway to the Art Room was haunted Friday afternoon. Students from grades 3-8 were allowed to tour the Haunted Hallway. It was a screaming success! Those haunting the hallways are seen below.

Easter Egg Hunt