Scrip is a term that means "substitute money". when you purchase scrip, you are purchasing gift certificates that are used just like cash. The scrip is issued by national and local retailers where many of you already shop. These merchants want to support non-profit organizations. Scrip can be used for everyday items like food, clothing, gas and other essentials. Every purchase earns revenue for you and the school.

The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount, and re-sell it to you for full face value. The discount varies from (2) two to (15) fifteen percent. Our school and your family split the discount 50/50.

The reason for the effectiveness of scrip is simple; families generate revenue through purchases they would make anyway. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program.

Hundreds of business nation wide participate in Scrip. for more details and a full list of retailers, please visit The Great Lakes Scrip Center orders are placed on Monday and arrive later in the week via FedEd. Several of our local merchants also participate in Scrip.

Orders must be turned in on Monday or the first day of the school week by 10:00 a.m. Orders will be ready for pick up later in the week.


Fundraiser Begins Ends

Scrip Aug. 14 May 6

Fall Gifts Aug. 31 Sept. 14

Braided Bread Sept. 27 Oct. 10

Braided Bread Pickup - Oct. 24 - 3-5:30 SPSC

Frozen Foods/Cookie Dough

Oct. 2 Nov. 9

Frozen Food/Cookie Dough Pickup

Dec. 5 - 3-5:30 SPSC

Java Joe Coffee Jan. 4 Jan. 18

World's Finest Choc. Jan. 25 Feb. 9

Frozen Foods/Cookie Dough

Feb. 15 March 1

Frozen Foods/Cookie Dough Pickup

April 3 - 3-5:30 SPSC

For full details about ordering Scrip, please call Karen Balcer at 573-636-8922, ext. 325 or