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School Fees

For information regarding enrollment, please call Lacy Ralston, St. Peter Interparish School counselor, 636-8922, ext. 329.






1.         FAMILY CONTRIBUTION (Tithe) STANDARD                  Please note all commitment

            We expect Catholic families to tithe 5% of their                      information regarding

            earnings to their local parish.  This is applicable                      attending Mass, being

            to all families registered in either St. Peter                               active parish members,  

            or St. Andrew parish.                                                                and tithing.


2.         ANNUAL SUSTAINING FEE                                                 $ 275 per year

            Applicable for 1-3 children, no fee for the 4th child                                                          

            and beyond .  This fee applies to all tuition

            and non-tuition families. (A deposit of  

            $100 is collected for each new student at

            time of enrollment.)

 3.        ANNUAL FAMILY STIPEND                                               $500 per year

           Per family, applicable only to non-tuition families.


4.         HOME AND SCHOOL FEE                                                     $45 per year

            Applies to all families to support Home and                                                        

            School duties and activities.  Home and

            School does not fund raise for cost of its



5.         TUITION                                                                                    $ 4,000.00 per year

            Applicable to students who are not                                                               

            members of St. Andrew or St. Peter                                     



6.         KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION & SUPPLY FEE            $ 125

            Non-refundable - Will be applied toward

            sustaining fee ($100) and basic supplies ($25).


7.         BEFORE SCHOOL CARE                                                         $ 100

            Applies to all families who use                                                    (payable once

            the cafeteria supervision any day                                                 per year per family)

            during the year between 7:00 & 7:30 a.m.



            First Child                                                                                  $   90 per month

            Two Children                                                                              $ 145 per month

            Three or more Children                                                               $ 170 per month

            in the St. Peter After School Care Program.


10.        LUNCH                                                                                  

             Per Month                                                                                   Option A - $42 per month (9 months)

             Per Meal                                                                                     Option B -   $3 per lunch of choice