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        Welcome to St. Peter Interparish Catholic School. 

        St. Peter Interparish School is located across from Missouri's State Capitol.  We are located at the corner of Broadway and High Street.  Our original building was constructed in 1888-1890.  Our last addition was completed in January of 2007.
        St. Peter Interparish School consists of a Preschool and grades K-8.  Our school has been recognized by the 'National Catholic Education Association'.  In 2012-2013 our Home and School Association received the 'Distinguished Home and School Award'.  Laura Dampf, our second grade teacher was also honored with the 'National Catholic Education Association Distinguished Teacher Award'.  Our first grade teacher Agnes Forck received this same award in 2010.

    Our school has also been recognized by the Today's Catholic Teacher magazine.  The school received the 'Innovations in Catholic Education Award for Curriculum and Instruction'.

      Pal Registration is August 3-4 from 6-7:30 at the West YMCA.  For more information please click on the sign-up form above.

      Parents, in your registration packet was a form called Diocese Advocates Inc., Annual Income Eligibility Parent Survey-E-rate funding.  All families must fill this out in order for St. Peter Interparish School to be eligible for E-rate Funding.  What is E-rate Funding?  It allows the school to be eligible for government funding to help pay for internet charges we receive.  In order for our school to keep up with the necessary technology needs of the teachers and students we have had to increase the bandwidth of the internet coming into school.  The increase of bandwidth also meant the increase of the amount of money spent monthly to pay for this bandwidth.  The completion of this form by the COMPLETE SCHOOL FAMILY will allow us to apply.   If we do not get the COMPLETE SCHOOL FAMILY to fill out this form then our chances of receiving any government money will disappear. We will be contacting you if you have not filled out this form by the start of school.  Thanks.

  St. Peter Interparish School

2015-2016 Calendar can be found in your registration packets.

2015-2016 calendar has been added to the calendar found on the web page so you can download to your devices.

St. Peter Interparish School Calendar

Weekly Menu

  • Tuesday, 8/18 - Sausage Pizza, Green Beans, Apple Sauce Cup, Salad Bar, Milk; #2 - Chef Salad
  • Wednesday, 8/19 - Taco Crunch, Mexican Black Beans, Bananas, Salad Bar, Milk; #2 - SB & J Sandwich
  • Thursday, 8/20 - Chicken Strips, Seasoned Broccoli, Peaches, Salad Bar, Milk; #2 - Chef Salad
  • Friday, 8/21 - Hamburger/WG Bun, Potato Wedges, Pears, Ice Cream, Salad Bar, Milk; #2 - SB & J Sandwich
  • Complete Menu can be found under Parent Information/Cafeteria

  • 8/3 - School office open 9-12
  • 8/4 - School office open 9-12
  • 8/5 - School office open 9-12
  • 8/6 - School office open 9-12
  • 8/6 - H & S Family Swim Party at Memorial Pool 7:30-9
  • 8/7 - School office open 9-12
  • 8/16 - Welcome Back Open House 9:30-12:30
  •          8th Grade Pancake Breakfast
  • 8/18 - First Day of School
  • School Calendar for the year can be found on the calendar above.  It has been updated.
  • Have a Blessed and Safe Summer