Español a St. Paul's

¡Bienvenidos al año 2013-2014!

En la clase de español...
ustedes serán científicos,
ustedes serán exploradores,
ustedes serán cantantes,
ustedes serán aprendices,
ustedes serán maestros,
ustedes serán creadores,
ustedes serán artistas,

ustedes serán importantes,
ustedes serán respetados y
ustedes serán amigos de Cristo.

The Spanish program at St. Paul's began in the fall of 2003 in response to numerous parents who believed it was important for their children to learn a foreign language at a young age.  In Spanish classes we learn basic vocabulary and a little bit about the culture of Spanish speaking people.  Starting in first grade we build on what has been learned in previous years.  In kindergarten through fifth grade the focus is on building vocabulary.  In sixth grade the emphasis is on storytelling.

Question of the Month:

Are mañanitas sung in the morning or the evening?

(Tell Mrs. Letsche when you have an answer.)