la clase de español

 ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

!Saludos! Soy Margarita Rosa Alvarez de padres españoles, nacidos en españa.  Estoy encantada de tener esta oportunidad de enseñar la clase de español.  Que gran experencia para nuestros estudiantes conocer y aprender otra idioma.  I am excited to be teaching Spanish I!   And I know that my parents are smiling up in Heaven, especially mama!  

    Spanish I is an elective course available to 8th graders meeting three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings plus during the Centers of Learning time on Thursday afternoons - five class periods per week.   I am very proud of my students for taking the initiative to add an elective to their elementary school record and for their efforts and for using the gifts that God has given!  They were hear me chatting, "Be the best that you can be!"

    I believe that learning Spanish is a communication skill which will be beneficial in our global economy.  We begin at this level by engaging students in communicative tasks that are relevant to their lives.  To communicate the students listen, read, speak, and write throughout the lessons (escuchar, leer, hablar y escribir).  Students are encouraged to study the language in all four of these areas.  They are also reminded to use what they already know to help them learn Spanish and to use their knowledge of English to help figure out new words. . . such as limon, comunicacion, delicioso!    And, have fun with the activities with other students, role playing, creating projects, exploring the Internet and using technology!  I encourage them to participate and to not focus on any fear of pronouncing incorrectly!  

    Understanding the cultures of Spanish speaking countries is examined and compared to our beliefs and values in regards to the importance of the family, respect, religion, and certain celebrations.

    During the Centers for Learning time, interactive projects, workshops, field trips, guest speakers, service projects will be infused into the curriculum to enhance and support the textbook curriculum as well as learning the cultures of the Spanish speaking countries.  We are expanding the walls of our classroom into the community and encouraging students to appreciate diversity and to be proud of their own ethnic cultures and values.   We hope to be part of a school environment for learning to be caring and peaceful members of society.

    Our textbook, Realidades, 2011 by Pearson Education, has an accompanying student workbook.  

    La TAREA (homework) on SPS A Building Homework page.  The URL is:           . . . la clase de espanol link. . . . . . . . .  . . .ALSO using Google Classroom for tarea as well as for announcements and assignments.  

               Class Schedule (el horario)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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 5 11:02-11:45 314 314 
 6 12:20-1:02   314
 7 1:04 - 1:46  Tech Lab 
 8 1:48 - 2:30  Tech Lab