Social Studies

Social Studies
5th Grade - Throughout the year the 5th grade will be learning about civilizations, Native Americans, 13 Original Colonies and the American Revolution. 

4th Grade - Throughout the year the 4th grade will have 2 different books. The first book covers Ohio History. We finish the year with our Regions Book and learning the 50 states of the United States.

4th & 5th Grade STUDY SKILLS......

 Simple Solutions (SS-SS) ... Yahoo!!! This workbook is set up just like the other simple solution books you have been using for a few years now. We are going to be doing our lessons in class together as a review -NO need to stress or worry!!  Students will have 2 lessons due on Monday and 2 lessons due on Wednesday. Students will have enough time in school to complete all 4 assignments. We will review the answers in class. Once a week (Thursday's) students will receive a worksheet labeled (Quiz) for points. This worksheet is open Simple Solutions Books and students receive class points for the assignment. 

ONLINE Newspapers: Social Studies Newspapers are an online edition. Students will  receive a paper copy in class when assignments are due. The assignments are online and called the "test/ quiz". These assignments are only counted as an assignment (not a quiz). Students are able to access the online edition as well.   The fun part: for each section that is read, students can earn coins.  These coins are for fun items each student can "purchase" items for their game room. Again, it is free and just for fun! 

Quizlet: Students were introduced to Quizlet, an online study tool that is great!! Check your email for log in information and passwords. 

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