Important Info

February Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for February 8th and 16th.  These are optional - if you have a concern about your child's progress, please schedule under Mrs. Elson's name to meet with Mrs. Elson and Mrs. Muffet and sign up under Mrs. Woods' name if you want to meet with Mrs. Woods and Mr. Banko.  

Catholic Schools Week 2017

*Mismatch Day (if students don't want to mismatch, they can wear SPS clothes)
*Students will learn about the country of Syria and read about the current state of affairs there - why they are in a civil war, and why many are leaving their homes.  We will discuss collecting money to send to the Syrian refugees through Catholic Charities and Relief Services - money can be brought in and donated all week long!
*Students will color inspirational posters to decorate the hallways

*Dress Up Day (no jeans or leggings!)
*Mass at 8:15
*School Spelling Bee at 9:15 - 6 5th graders are participating, the rest of 5th grade and all of 4th grade will watch
*Popcorn Bar at lunch (free)

*Red, White and Blue Day
*Science Movie Day 8:15-10:15 (Big Hero 6, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Inside Out, and Happy Feet) - pick your movie and pick your snack!
*Collection for Military Care Packages - puzzle books, small games, batteries, Ziploc bags (any size), playing cards

*Favorite Sports Team Day
*Question & Answer Session with Father Day at 8:30
*Service project with Little Buddies

*Spartan Spirit Day
*Science presentation at 1:30
*Family Science Night from 6-7:30

Spelling City 
Students do all of their spelling on Spelling City.  Three activities are assigned on Thursday and the students have until the following Wednesday to complete them.  They receive 10 points per activity.  They will then be tested on Wednesday.  All activities must be completed prior to Wednesday in order to gain full credit.  Please make sure that your child is completing the weekly activities, as this is a big part of their overall grade, as well as a fun way to practice their spelling!  In addition, some kids may need extra reinforcement through the use of extra games, flashcards, and verbal practice.  Make sure to take advantage of the practice tests on Spelling City also!  

You, as the parent, are able to log on and check your child's progress and to check if the activities are completed weekly.  Let me know if you need or want your child's username and password.  

Spelling City operates best on the Google Chrome browser - if your child tries to use a different browser at home, they may encounter some difficulties and glitches.  In addition, there are a few activities that cannot be completed on a child's ipod or ipad, so must be done on a computer.  If your child has problems with Spelling City at home, they are welcome to work on it at school on the Chromebooks during any free time or study hall.  

Finally, if your child is absent on a Wednesday - if they are feeling up to it - please have them log on at home and take their weekly test.  This will make the amount of make-up work easier and lighter!  Let me know if you have any questions about Spelling City.

Newspaper 4th & 5th grade
Newspaper are online this year. ( Students are able to log in and complete the weekly assignment anytime during the week.   We do jump around with the weeks so students must know their correct week. Students log in once a week in class, so students DO know their log in information. (UN=FIRSTLASTNAME, PW=HRteachersnameclass#) The weekly assignment is posted in the Homework Tab each week.

Quizlet is an online study tool that allows you to enter any information onto the website.  Once there the information will then be entered into games, flashcards, (an excellent tool for vocab!) and even a mock test.  Students are able to quiz themselves and study online.  Parents may want to create their own account to enter important information to better prepare them for a test.  Below is the quizlet login information for 5th grade.  Not all subjects are entered into quizlet.  Mrs. Woods usually enters the Social Studies information so the kids can review and practice.  They do this regularly in class, so the students DO know how to log in and locate the information!
To log
LOG IN (in white letters) do not use google, facebook or email to log in.
USERNAMEsps spartans 5th grade (all 1 word NO SPACES, all lowercase)

Speeding Tickets
If a student brings home a paper with a "speeding ticket" on it, it does not mean that he or she is in trouble of should be punished for the crime!   This is just our way of letting the student know that they did not do their best work on the paper, and they are getting a second chance.  The speeding ticket has a place for the parent's signature and a date that the assignment is due back.  Hopefully, this will remind the students to not rush through their work, do their best work, and ask questions if they do not understand!

Extra Credit
Students are offered various extra credit opportunities in each of the classes.  Sometimes, it is a direct (optional) assignment, sometimes it is a "bonus" question on a practice page, and Mrs. Elson has an extra credit bulletin board that changes and updates regularly.  Students may earn, in some classes, up to a maximum of 30 points per that class per quarter.  Extra credit should be an opportunity to improve upon a low grade or two, and get additional practice - not to buffer an entire quarter's worth of regular grades so that a "false" grade is received.  

**Mrs. Hale extended short weather up through Friday, October 7, due to the warm temps this week!

Starting October 3rd:
*Students can no longer wear shorts.  Beginning on October 3rd, students should be in pants for both the regular uniform and PE uniform.  If PE uniform pants are not in yet, they should wear a plain black or navy until they come in.
*Please check the weather!  If the temperature is under 60 degrees in the morning, they should have a light jacket or hoodie on.  They should wear it at recess if it is still under 60, but if it has warmed above 60, they don't need it.  This way, they will be prepared no matter what!

Any child who is absent has the number of days that they are absent +1 to make up work.  If there is a sibling in the building, we will try to send work home, but, note that this may not happen every time.  We will try our best!  For some work, we do prefer that it be done at school, so if your child is absent, they may be required to stay in for recess to work on missing work and assignments with the teacher.  Unfortunately, we cannot give work ahead of time (this is a Diocese of Youngstown policy).  Your child has long term assignments they they know about and that they can be working on (for instance, Simple Solutions books, Spelling City activities, and Book It when it begins in October).  All other work will be collected and held until the student returns to school.  

STAR Assessments
Students will be taking the Star Reading and Star Math assessments this year as an evaluation tool to let us know where their level/ability is and what strengths and weaknesses need to be addressed.  The initial assessment will be given during the month of September, the second assessment is in January, and a final assessment in May.  It is a computer adapted test, comprised of 34 questions.  The test increases or decreases difficulty level depending on how the students are answering the questions.  The entire assessment takes about 20 minutes.  

Please make sure that your child has headphones/earbuds at school.  There are many times that we are working in the classroom on the Chromebooks and it is much easier for the kids to focus when they have their earbuds in, rather than having everyone's volume turned up.  They have earbuds at the Dollar Tree for $1.00!!

Quizlet LOG IN BOTH 4th & 5th 
To log
LOG IN (in white letters) do not use google, facebook or email to log in.
username: sps spartans 5th grade (all 1 word, no spaces, all lowercase) or spartans 4th grade (all 1 word, no spaces, all lowercase)