April 1, 2013



RE: 2013 Homeless Connect is canceled due to lack of financial   resources and community involvement.


To: All Homeless Connect Community Partners and Service Providers,


It is with mixed emotion that I write this email. As of today, 3/27/2013, Saint Paul Homeless Connect has been canceled for June 2013. The leadership and current committee members have come to this understanding for many reasons.  The most obvious reason is the expense of the one day event (last year we spent 25K) and the lack of commitment from the community. The event has grown enormously over the years but our community support has not, and the event needs a lot of attention from many people. We struggled with the lack of community commitment last year and this year is even more inferior.  Today it became most evident with only 7 people present for our meeting.


The event is very important to all us and cancelling the even has been a distressing decision.  However, we are at point where we need to reevaluate and recommit to the event with more resources and more community support.  Our goal is to become more innovative TOGETHER and   better serve our homeless community at the Saint Paul Homeless Connect Event, 2014.


A community meeting will be our next step. We want you to please come and commit yourself to the success of the future event. We need more people and more resources and your input is valuable. The community meeting will happen in June and an invite will be sent out within the next couple weeks. Please consider attending the meeting and letting your staff be there too. SUPPORT is what we need and the value you can provide is immeasurable. The date, time and place will be posted onm this website.


Please be mindful that the Hennepin / Minneapolis Project Homeless Connect, scheduled for May, is already a very busy event.  They do not have the capacity to become a metro-wide event so please respect their need to focus on people in Hennepin County and the city of Minneapolis.


This email is not easy to write-rather grave , actually. In spite of our current predicament, I am optimistic that we can pull back together and reinvest ourselves again in a meaningful event for many years to come.


Respectfully yours,



Katie  Tuione  2012-2013 Chair