Here you will find information about our Library classes at St. Paul Catholic School.
Students at St. Paul do much more than just check books in and out of the library. They learn the tools to use the Media Center as a means of resource, reference, and interest. 
The following are some of the skills focused on at each level.
   Primary: (pre-k through 2nd gr.) The concentration at this level is on library rules, book care, parts of a book, story recall, story sequence, and predicting story endings. We talk about how books are shelved in the Easy section.  Some 2nd graders move on to the non-fiction and regular fiction sections of the library as their reading ability progresses. 
  Intermediate: (3rd through 5th gr.) In these grades, I briefly review book care and check-out procedures. We learn more about parts of a non-fiction book that contain a glossary, index, chapter page, etc. I begin to introduce the Dewey Decimal System and each section.  They are shown and taught how to use the Card Catalog and Card Catalog Online. They learn more about how books are shelved in the Media Center. I introduce the reference books to the students.
  Middle School: (6th through 8th gr.) After a review of the sections of the library, the card catalog, and references such as atlases, almanacs, encyclopedias, and dictionaries, our middle schoolers are mostly independent workers.  I assist those who have questions, and show them where to find information for the Science Fair and History Fair projects, if needed.  I work closely with their other teachers in case there is a specific project for which they need information. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you,
Mrs. Karen Deane
850-436-6435 ext. 105
St. Paul Catholic School Media Specialist