Girls A Game added at Trinity Wausau on Feb. 3rd vs. WI Rapids Immanuel
Boys A Team Tournament added Feb. 1st at St. Marys
Girls A Team- Optimist Tournament added on January 25
Girls & Boys C Team at Pilgrim make up date Feb. 4th

4.300: Athlete’s Actions or Behavior Policy 

It is difficult to place every student into one mold as all people are different individuals. 
The attitude and behavior of the athlete both on and off of the court, reflects not only on the personality of the individual but also on St. Paul Lutheran Church /School. The principal, the athlete's teachers, and coaches will evaluate the athlete's attitude and performance on and off the court. Students displaying inappropriate behavior will be placed on the following due process schedule. 

• Athlete at Step One : One week (five consecutive school days) probation period. 
The athlete attends practices but does not play in any games during that week. 
If the athlete chooses not to attend the practices during the probation week, 
the coach and Principal will decide further disciplinary measures for the athlete. 

• Athlete at Step Two: One week (five consecutive school days) suspension from team. 
The athlete does not participate in practices or games for one week. 

• Athlete at Step Three: Suspended for the rest of the season for that sport 
No credit is given for that sport that year. 
The athlete may participate in the next sport. 

• Athletes at Step Four: Suspension from all sports for the rest of that school year. 

Sports Programs at St. Paul

Students in grades 5~8 may be eligible to participate in interscholastic sports. At the present time we offer volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and softball for girls. We offer volleyball, basketball, and softball for boys.

The teams or squads are limited to a certain number of players. We fill the teams by allowing eighth graders who are interested participate first, followed by seventh, sixth, and fifth graders until the teams are filled. This means that some grades may not be able to participate in a sport on a given year because the teams have already been filled.

Student athletes need to have a physical examination before participating in sports. These physicals are good for two (2) years, so it is best for your child to get a physical during the fifth and seventh grade school years. The physical forms that we need to have filled out can be obtained from and should be returned to the Athletic Director.

Student athletes are allowed to participate in team practices, games, and tournaments that their team is involved with. Students are expected to finish the season. No athlete will be allowed to quit, unless he/she has met with the coach, Athletic Director, Principal, and parents to discuss the reason(s) for wanting to quit.