I attended and graduated from Concordia St. Paul in 1988 with a degree in Elementary education with a Special education concentration.  I also have taken numerous graduate course since leaving Concordia.  I am also a SLED & FLAME graduate through the LCMS in leadership/administration.  My previous experience includes teaching 4th & 5th grade at St. Martin Lutheran School in Clintonville.  I also served as Athletic Director at St. Martins. I love football, college basketball, and I love playing golf.  I grew up in Clintonville, and after college lived in the Twin Cities for 20 years before returning to Wisconsin.  I've been married since 2014 to Ben Piering and have one son, Dylan.  My husband is the Minister of Christian Outreach at Mt. Calvary Church in Milwaukee, and my son is a freshmen at Wolf River Lutheran High School in Shawano.


5th Grade Schedule:

English- Mrs. Piering

Religion & Memory- Mrs. Doell

Science- Mrs. Piering

Reading/Spelling- Mrs. Piering

Social Studies(US History)- Mrs. Piering

Math- Mr. Denkert

Art- Mrs. Piering

PE- Mr. Denkert

Spanish- Mrs. Hischke

Computers- Mr. Denkert

Current Events:

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