Welcome to the Website Formally Known as Kevin's Classroom Website!

This space was formally home to classroom assignments, calendars, and other information about Open World Learning Community's 6th Grade ELA Workshop and several rotating High School ELA Electives and AP Language and Composition.

As of the 2017-2018 school year, all of that information has been migrated to our individual Schoology Classroom websites.

There is no additional content on this website other than my original "About Me" section, included below for archival purposes :)

You can email me at kevin.hansen@spps.org with any questions or follow me on Twitter @kevinisteaching

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About Me

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am the oldest of three siblings.  

My younger brother, Curt, is an actor who lives in Los Angeles. My younger sister, Stephanie, lives in Chicago where she also acts teaches Zumba classes. My mom is a paraprofessional educator in the media center of my former elementary school, and my dad is a machinist at Harley-Davidson. When I was in first grade, my family moved from Milwaukee to a small town in Southeastern Wisconsin called Hartford, where my parents still live today. Hartford is a safe, small, and quiet community.  These adjectives meant “great place to raise your kids” to my parents, but “the most boring place on Earth,” to me.

I spent hot summer days at the local library, enjoying the air conditioning and getting lost between the towering shelves of “non-fiction” books about UFOs and paranormal “mysteries.” I also called in to radio stations to make requests for my favorite songs and stayed up late waiting for them to be played so I could record them onto a cassette tape. In high school I wrote songs and played in bands, but also found friends and a sense of community through theatre and choir.  In school I was often asked what you would like to be when you grow up, but I was never very sure.  Whenever I answered this question with an “I don’t know,” adults would ask me, “Have you ever thought about teaching?”

I took a non-traditional path through college and worked towards my majors in English and Cultural Studies while also working in the Box Office at the Guthrie Theater.  It was in my final year of my undergraduate studies that I decided it was time to finally take all of those suggestions that my teachers had made seriously, and I entered the English licensure program at the University of Minnesota where I earned my Master of Education in 2014.

I have been teaching at OWL since 2014, and couldn't be happier (or luckier) that my first teaching experience has been a part of this wonderful community of life-long learners.

In addition to reading, writing, and teaching, I enjoy podcast/public radio, cooking, photography, biking, film, the occasional video game, and spending time with my wife Brenna and our dog Milo (of course, a photo below).