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Mike Woods JP., M.Ed.                                                                        Mrs. Colleen Flynn   
HoD: Gateway, STAR and Careers.                                                      Manager: Gateway Coordinator.                                                                                                  
Professional Memberships:                                                             Professional Memberships:
CATE, CDANZ & Wgtn. Gateway Cluster                                               CATE & Wgtn. Gateway Cluster

Elaine Waring manages STAR, Careers and Work programmes with our students. 

Elaine can be contacted via gmail

Welcome to Careers at St Patrick's College Wellington. This website is to assist students and parents to work their way through their careers journey together. This website is in it's infancy and will develop over time if you have any links or ideas that could be added email those ideas. 

Parents are the first career advisers and so much of the information is provided to assist you with academic and career choices for your son. so do your homework! Also your son needs to take advantage of the career opportunities and events that can inform, inspire or direct him along the right pathway. Work together on this project.
  Career Central - is a school wide programme that builds a career profile that students can access 
using their school gmail address e.g. and enter their password. 

The Career Central programme allows students to regularly update, research their career values, suitability matches, Job Banks and Tertiary Institutions.... Years 9 and 11 students are entered into the system and Year 10 will be entered in term 2.

                            Trades in Infrastructure -
                            The upgraded scholarship website Giveme -

     Caught Short                                 
                                                                                           Correspondence School - Te Kura

                                                              "Need additional credits in NCEA after December 4 2017

                                                       Te Kura can help. Apply to

                                                                 Call 0800 65 99 88 or email"   

Latest Police Recruitment video - very funny

Hannah McQueen - Economic cost of following your dreams - 

"Go To" Websites for parents and students also go to "Career Links" on navigation list of contents;
                                                                                   - New Website

For the students solid indicators that they are doing well at college are; 
                                                                                            that they are regularly at school or school activities and are on time to school.
                                                                                            that they are in positive friendship groups.
                                                                                            that they are engaging in their learning and will ask questions.
                                                                                            that they generally know their academic strengths and weaknesses and are working to improve. 

Colleen Flynn and I have been a department team at St Patrick's College for over twenty years. Our Department is responsible for delivering Gateway and Career in class courses, wider Career and STAR programmes. St Patrick's College caters for all students and it is my experience that all students need advice at some point, whether it is a brief word in the corridor for reassurance and confidence or a full sit down interview to work out a career pathway. There is always a way forward. it just may take some side ways movement and time to get back on track. If a passion is strong enough - anything is possible. This is a "Can do - Strength Based" department. We provide work placements using many of the Old Boy networks and STAR courses for a wide range of student abilities. I conduct the Year 13 and "at risk" career interviews. 

I am also a Justice of The Peace so can assist with verifying documentation for tertiary institutions. Colleen coordinates; STAR courses, Career referrals, presentations and Gateway. 

The newsletters and calendar contain dates, times and places for various career information sessions. The Careers Link page has all the tertiary educational websites, Studylink and Careers New Zealand. The newest career tools and programmes are Vocational pathways - this links to key skills and learning at college to potential careers. The "Career profiler" utilises your sons NZQA credits he has achieved and this will probably confirm what you already know about his strengths and confirm areas he needs to strengthen. 

The KAMAR school portal provides students and parents a glimpse at credit attainment, subject comments and attendance.