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Year End Final Assessment

Why Canada?

 Rationale: On July 1 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th Birthday. Today, Canada is a nation viewed by many with a great deal of envy.  Canada often ranks at the top of the list of most desirable places to live.  Why Canada?    Throughout this school year, you had the opportunity to learn about Canada’s political system, current events related to Canada, Canadian 20th Century history and how Canada interacts in world affairs. This course has given you the opportunity to analyze why Canada is a country that is so envied.



1.    From the list below, choose an issue/topic from each section

2.    You can add your issues to any box…with my approval.

3.    Use the issues/topics as focal points in an explanation that examines what Makes Canada Great!

4.  Your analysis must be presented in the form of a video documentary no longer than 5 minutes

·       Charter of Rights and Freedom

·       Our Democracy

·       Our Pluralism

·       Our Acceptance of Refugees

·    Our involvement in

   WW I and WW II

·    Our Peacekeeping reputation

·    Our commitment to fighting tyranny

·       Our Standard of Living

·       Our Foreign Aid

·       Our commitment to the Environment

Final 2017

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