Welcome to OMS Science Club!
Who can join?  All students at OMS in 6th, 7th and 8th grades can join after you complete the registration form, permission slip and a science lab safety contract.
Club Meeting Information:
Every Monday 2:15-3:15pm
Room 128
Who to ask if you have questions? Mrs. Lee in Room 128

Science Club students entered for 
2017 Fluor Engineering Challenge on March 13th, 2017

Club Announcements:

Science Club meets on Monday from 2:15-3:15 pm in Room 128.  All students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 are welcome.  

New members are welcomed.  Get a permission slip at the door outside of Room 128 or check OMS Science Club website to print out a permission slip.  

Science Club Timeline (temporary)

3/6 (Mon) - Fluor Challenge 2017 Water Fountain Building; submission is due on 3/17 Friday

3/7 (Tue) - Grade 5 Showcase Night = we need students to sit at tables (carnival games & water fountains?)

3/13 (Mon) - Grading Fluor Challenge 2017 Water Fountains

3/20 to May - Work on Science Fair @ OMS on May 3

4/1 (Sat) - Sharon Math & Science Tournament (We need 4 -6 students interested to form a team!) -Tell Mrs. Lee by 3/6

4/3 (Mon)- Massachusetts Science Fair deadline for submission

4/22 (Sat) - MA Regional Science Fair (if we have any students interested in participating)

***5/3 (Wed) -OMS STEAM Fair (all schools in Stoughton) = proposed date so far; stay tuned

5/19 (Fri) - Google Science Fair (Global competition) deadline for submission (We need one group of 8th graders to participate!)