Miss Kittleson's Daily Schedule

8:00 Morning Meeting
8:10-8:35 Word Study/Interactive Writing
8:35-9:35 Writing
9:35-9:45 Snack/Shared Reading or Writing
9:45-10:05 Recess
10:10-11:15 Reading
11:15-12:05 Lunch/Recess
12:10-12:40 Science/Social Studies Switch
Fridays: Library 12:10-12:30
12:40-1:15 Math Workshop
1:15-2:00 Target Time
2:05-2:55 ENCORE
2:55-3:00 Closing Circle
3:05 Dismissal 

A days we have MUSIC
B day we have GYM
C days we have ART
D days we have GYM


2nd Grade Responsibility Facts:

  • All at home responsibilities should not take longer than 20 minutes nightly! This includes a balance of math, word study and reading.

  • Please read to or encourage your child to read to you for fun and enjoyment!

  • Contact Miss Kittleson if you every have any questions.

  • Encourage an independent routine at home.

Chelsea Kittleson
Second Grade Teacher
Sandhill Elementary
Phone: 608-877-5431
Email: chelsea.kittleson@stoughton.k12.wi.us