The main goal of the STOREPET project was to develop a new nonwoven technical insulation product that integrates phase change materials for heat storage capacity skills. Maintaining the superior levels of thermal and noise insulation commonly recognized for fiber materials, STOREPET has be especially designed to insulate new lightweight or refurbishing needing buildings and low thermal mass building envelope structures. Project ended 31.10.2014.  More »

STOREPET - achieved results

StorePET flexible insulation nonwoven panels made of 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers and thermo-regulating microencapsulated phase change materials (mPCMs) and flame retardant coatings have been developed and tested in real-scale mock-ups.

Melt extrusion, Coaxial melt extrusion/injection, Coaxial electrospinning and Spraying decomposition PCM integration technologies have been developed to integrate PCMs inside and outside the fibers. The Spraying technology has been used for pre-industrial development and demonstration.



The hot-box test showed up to 33% of heat flow reduction (cooling demand) compared to similar insulation panels without PCMs.

‘Thermal Buildings’ software was developed during the project for the computation of the thermal performance of cuboid buildings with multilayer walls containing insulating panels with layers of Phase Change Materials (PCM).

A prototype line production has been set-up to produce ready-to-use panels for the installation in lightweight building demo houses to assess its thermal performance.


The phase change behaviour of StorePET material (averaged peak-to-peak analysis) revealed internal temperature differences of around 1°C during the day and 1.5°C during the night, between the STOREPET and the STANDARD test-cells for a typical summer period. Parallel energy consumption tests over cooling systems showed a reduction in the electrical demand of around 40% for the STOREPET demo building comparing to STANDARD one having no PCMs.

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