The in/actions of the state authorities towards this issue has been both pathetic and downright DISGUSTING! Instead of fighting for what is right and the rights of the workers, they are fighting GAMCA on grounds of GAMCA's decking system.

Stop wagging your tails like some stupid dog for every bone they throw at you!!

What is GAMCA's Decking/Referral System?

This is a system where all would be GCC bound workers are exclusively referred to GAMCA accredited clinics, for pre-departure medical check-ups. No other clinics nor private or government hospitals are recognized by respective GCC embassies to run these medical check-ups except GAMCA accredited clinics.

What is wrong with fighting GAMCA on decking grounds?

As an example, GCC has installed 17 GAMCA accredited clinics in the Philippines. The Philippines is among the world's top supplier of manpower. Just imagine the amount of money this creates for the 17 accredited GAMCA clinics who has sole control and exclusive rights to execute these pre-departure medical check-ups.

This is the only reason why the Philippine federal agencies are fighting GAMCA on grounds of decking system. They just want their own stupid clinics to get a portion of this stupid business. It's not about the medical correctness of the exams or human rights issues, it's just business with them. They just want a piece of the pie. IT'S DISGUSTING!!!

Regardless of the many human rights viloations GAMCA has amassed over the years, why not challenge GAMCA on the correctness of their medical exams? We all know that old TB scar is under GAMCA's infectious disease category, even a non-medical person knows this is wrong, why not challenge them on this ground? Why make the easiest of things complicated?

Bottom line, workers really don't give a damn where they do these medical check-ups, what really matters to them are the correctness and truthfulness of these medical check-ups!

What should we be doing?

Seriously, if you have a problem with GAMCA, you don't complain to GAMCA, you complain to the creators of GAMCA, and those are the GCC States. We have never seen these kinds of complaints or any form of initiatives come from our stupid and spineless bureaucrats (POEA, DFA, DoH, etc). They just sat there stupid and act as though nothing irregular is happening, for 10 years..NO EXCUSE!!

There is nothing so mysterious about these issues that we can't find a solution that is responsible and works best for everybody.  We don't care who they are, but they need to sit down together (GCC and local officials) and start talking and deal with this issue like grown civilized men! And this is our main efforts here at, to be a constant reminder that we will not stop our pestering until we get this right.