Computer Science and Informatics Research Experience Program 

for K12 Students at Stony Brook University


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News: August 8, 2017: CS and BMI Team on K-12 Summer Experience

Many scientific problems depend on the ability to analyze and compute on data, often in large amounts. We are computer science and biomedcial informatics researchers at Stony Brook University working on developing next generation data management systems and data analysis methods to advance biomedical knowledge and improve human health. 

We invite local students (with a minimum age of 14) with strong interest in computer science to join the Computer Science and Informatics Research Experience Program for K12 students (CSIRE) this summer. You will work in one of the Labs on campus:

You will work together with graduate students and faculty to learn and develop innovative solutions for processing, managing, visualizing and analyzing data.

Application to the CSIRE Program

The program is open to local K12 students (high school or middle school) who could commute to Stony University campus each day. The students should have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the field of computer science, biomedical informatics or data science. Programming experiences are required (Python, Java or other languages).  

Priority deadline is May 31, 2017  (now closed for 2017)

Please submit your application from the site below:


The CSIRE Experience

The CSIRE program at Stony Brook University is an opportunity for qualified, academically talented and motivated K12 students interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science or Informatics. The program provides the students a unique research experience working with leading researchers in the field.

The program is expected to run from July 5 - August 4, 2017.  The CSIRE students will participate in a research project mentored by multiple faculty members and their Ph.D. students and become fully integrated into  research projects. The student will attend weekly research meetings, and present the research results.


For more information, please contact Prof. Fusheng Wang at fusheng.wang @ stonybrook.edu.