12/09:  Quiz 3 solution posted. 
12/08: Homework solutions posted (HW1, HW2, HW3).
12/07: Homework 4 is posted. Due: Dec 18 (Sunday).
11/28: Download and install Oxyen XML Editor, with a 30-day trial license. Refer to How to use Oxygen XML.
11/17: Homework 3 due: Dec 4th (Sunday) midnight.
11/10: On 11/14, Hoang Vo will present a couple of MapReduce design patterns, including sorting (total ordering) and joins. Fair use materials are posted on blackboard. 
11/07: Hadoop and AWS tutorials in the class today. Please have Cloudera VM ready before the class.
11/04: Homework 3 posted. Due: Dec 4th (Monday) midnight.
10/12: Homework 2 posted. Due: Oct 23 (Sunday) midnight.
10/12: Midterm will be on Oct 24 (Monday). It will be open book, open notes. Network disabled devices including Pad or Kindle devices or laptops are permitted only for reading class notes and books.
09/29: Homework 1 posted. Due: Oct 9 (Sunday) midnight.
09/23: Class cancelled today due to illness.
09/02: No class next week (Labor day and travel.)
09/02: Fair use course materials were posted at blackboard. 

Welcome to CSE 532: Theory of Database Systems!


This course covers recent advances in data management systems. Topics include complex queries and optimizations, XML data management, spatial data management, distributed and parallel databases, NoSQL databases, and MapReduce based data processing systems. We will discuss the foundations of data models, transaction models, storage, indexing and querying methods for these data management systems.